Абай Кунанбаев творчество

Стихи, поэмы, биография Абая Кунанбаева

Word Fifteen

Word Fifteen
There is an essential difference, in my view, between
intelligent and stupid people.
Coming into this world, man cannot live without
being attracted and excited by the fascinating things
around him. Those days of questioning and passionate
interests remain in a person’s memory as the brightest peri
od of life.

Word Sixteen

The Kazakh does not worry whether his prayers
please God or not. Не does what other people do: he gets
up and falls face to the ground in supplication.

Word Eighteen

Man should dress modestly and keep himself clean
and tidy. Only fops spend more on their clothes than they
can afford and Worry too much over their appearance.
Fops show of in various ways.

Word Nineteen

A child is not born a reasonable being. It is only by
listening and watching, examining everything by touching
and tasting, that it learns what is good and what is bad.

Word Twenty

All of us know: nothing can overrule fate. A feeling of
satiety is characteristic man: it does not come of one’s own
volition, but is predestined by fate. Having once expert
enced satiety, one will no longer be able to get rid of it.

Word Twenty-one

It is hard to avoid at least a small degree of self-satis-
faction and complacency. I have identified two kinds: pride
and boastfulness.
A proud man has a high estimation of his own worth.