Абай Кунанбаев творчество

Стихи, поэмы, биография Абая Кунанбаева

Word Six

According to a Kazakh proverb: The source of suc
cess is unity, and of well-being life.
Yet what kind of people are they who live in unity and
how do they achieve such accord? The Kazakhs are quite
ignorant on this score.

They think that unity resides in the
common ownership of livestock, chattels and food. If this
were so, then what use wealth and what harm in poverty?
Would it be worthwhile working hard to grow rich without
first getting rid of one’s kith and kin? No, unity ought to be
in people’s minds and not in communal wealth. It is poss-
sible to unite people of different origin, religion and views
simply by giving them an abundance of livestock. But
achieving unity at the price of cattle that’s the beginning
of moral decay. Brothers ought to live in amity not because
one is dependent on another, but by each relying on his
own skills and powers, and his own destiny. Otherwise
they will forget God and find no worthy occupation, but
will scheme and plot against each other. They will sink to
recrimination and slander, they will cheat and deceive.
Then what kind of unity could there be?
Life is the source of well-being? What kind of life
is meant here? Just existing in order to keep body and soul
together? But even a dog is endowed with such an exis
tence. He who treasures such a life, who is plagued by the
fear of death, becomes an enemy to life everlasting.
Fleeing for his life from the foe, he will be known as a
coward: shirking work, he will pass for a ne’er -do-well, he
will become an enemy of the good.
No, what the proverb refers to is another kind of life.
One that keeps the soul alive and the mind clear. If your
body is alive but your soul is dead, words of reason will
not reach you, and you will be incapable of earning your
living by honest Work
A loafer and a sycophant,
A hanger-on and an impudent fellow,
Valiant in his looks but craven in his heart,
Has по sense of shame
If you are like that, do not imagine yourself to be
alive. A righteous death will then be better than such an

Abay(Абай Құнанбаев)

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