Абай Кунанбаев творчество

Стихи, поэмы, биография Абая Кунанбаева

Word Forty

Now, this is what I would like to ask you, honoured
How come that we speak по ill of the dead but find по
worthy people among the living?

Why do old folks live in peace with the young but
constantly quarrel among themselves, even though their
contemporaries grow fewer with every passing day?
No sooner does someone happens to leave for foreign
parts than everybody starts loving him like a brother. But
when he comes back, we compel him to flee from us. Why?
Why is it that seeing some good man from another
tribe, people will put themselves out on his behalf and
praise his qualities, while among their own kin they will
not notice those who surpass the stranger in wisdom and
When in an alien land, we praise our аи! to the skies:
on our return, we have nothing but praise for the foreign
village. How come?
Why do parents show tender care and kindness to
their children so long as they are small, but are cold toward
them when they grow up?
Why is it so hard to bring our relatives together on a
joyous or sad occasion, yet they will turn up in a body at
the first whiff of thievery or brigandage?
Why are your kinsfolk vexed if your horse comes first
in the race?
In the old days people would remember someone who
had helped them along the road, be it only once, and recall
him with gratitude till the end of their days. But nowadays
people soon forget about good deeds. Why is that?
Why is it that a bey’s son, on growing impoverished,
is not ashamed of stealing, but considers it a disgrace to
serve another bey?
Why is it that two good men in the same family are
unable to get on with each other, while two rascals always
make friends?
Why does someone you corr
whom you have given a good steed, turn away from you as
soon as he gets a foal from your enemy?
Why does someone not value a friend with whom he
lives in harmony, but is ready to lay down his life for an
enemy who has Just once rendered him a service?
Why do many of us not wish our friends Well, and
should one of two friends has a run of good luck, they
become bitter enemies?
Why do people seek a person to give them advice, and
shun the counsels of those who know them well?
Why do some guests behave as if they had brought all
their herds with them, but when they are your hosts, pre
tend that their herds have all been driven far away?
People yearn for peace and tranquillity, but should
peace come to stay, they grow weary of it. Why on earth?
Why is our people ruled by smart alec, and why are
they poor as a rule?
scoundrels bold? Why are some of the poor so conceited?
Why do people who show restraint and live in peace
pass for weaklings, while those who are depraved, boastful
and trouble-makers are considered bold and daring?
Why will the Kazakhs not hearken to righteous words
and find по time for that, but are ready to listen to all kinds
of gossip, dirt and slander and won’t go away until they
hear it out to the end, even if all of their affairs до to pot?

Abay(Абай Құнанбаев)

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